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acronis true image 2014 review
Acronis True Image 2014 Review, pros and cons of the new backup software from Acronis. Comparison with the previous version 2013.
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"Acronis True Image is versatile and powerful, yet fairly easy to use. The program includes wizards that walk you through each task, and you can connect to help files and customer support with just one click on the control panel".
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Acronis True Image 2014 Review - What Does This World Class Backup and Recovery Software Offer?

When choosing a backup system recovery program, the most important thing to look for is a strong list of available features. The more backup options you have the more likely you are to always have a strong backup of all your information. This is what Acronis True Image 2014 offers; and you’ll quickly see why most experts agree; Acronis TrueImage is one of the strongest backup software applications currently on the market. In fact, for a number of businesses, tech experts and consumers, Acronis is a first choice when it comes to disk management; and the primary reason for this is because of its host of varied functions.

It’s almost safe to say that Acronis True Image offers the best backup and recovery options currently on the market; especially, because it is built up on a strong framework, an infrastructure built up off of many years of research, experience and product coding design. And now the new Acronis True Image 2014 builds even more reliability into the backup process. The good news is that True Image has built up on its product, with the most outstanding feature being that of Cloud technology.
acronis true image 2014 interface
Why Choose Acronis?

Before we go into the new 2014 features, let’s discuss the state-of-the-art features that Acronis is well known for. As with all version the new 2014 application, is easy to use, it is attractive and offers easy visibility of all features. Even novice users can easily use the program, however, there is some concern that the more advanced options are a little too easily available to non-tech users.

A Feature Rich Program

Acronis True Image offers many standard features that make backing up and sharing files a simpler process. These include:

- A distinct Synching feature - this allows you to make changes to documents and have them immediately stored in the backup location. It allows you to synch your files and data from one device to another automatically.

- Mobile File Access - This feature allows users to access backed up information from any mobile device. So you could have written a document on your PC, and with this software you can access that one particular document from any of your mobile devices.

- Disk Cloning - This makes a copy of everything, including the operating system.

- Windows 8 supportþ

- The Unique Try and Decide Feature - A feature that protects your system from any changes a new program can make. Acronis backs up the system before installing the application. This allows you to try any new software before deciding to keep it.
Disk backup with Acronis 2014
New interface
Disk backup with Acronis 2014
What Makes Acronis True Image 2014 Different from the Prior Versions?

Like its predecessor, the new Acronis True Image 2014 offers full backup options; a complete system backup, file and a specialized synching backup features, which are especially unique to Acronis. This system allows you to keep any change you make to any file you save on your computer, keeping all of your system in a constant state of backup. While these are certainly exemplary services, it is the Cloud capability that the new 2014 version really focuses on. The new 2014 features offer full support for backups to the Acronis Cloud. Both the trial and full versions come with 5 GB of free storage space for at least one year.

The 2014 Performance

In the new 2014 version, Acronis has tweaked performance which helps improve image backup and recovery speeds. The bootable recovery feature is also supported by the new Cloud environment. So if a system won’t start then you can run the partition recovery from the online backup, getting the system back without having to go and find the recovery disks.


As the new Acronis True Image 2014 is just now on the market, there are a few bugs. The Acronis team does say the new program could possibly crash when certain hardware is used, or when recovering a partition from the Cloud. The current 2014 version is still in its testing phase so it shouldn’t be used as the only backup recovery option as yet; Not until, the Acronis team is sure that all options work extremely well.

Bottom Line

We found that the Acronis 2014 interface is a build-up of the 2013 version and offers an aesthetically pleasing environment that blends well with the current Windows environment. Installation, as always, is very simple and takes only a few minutes. Acronis, as many techies, say, remains one of the best backup programs on the market, and the new 2014 version, even in its current Beta stage, will be another strong addition to the current Acronis framework.

Its strongest point is the new and improved Cloud functionality that while included in the 2013 version, was an added feature that came at a higher cost. This version now includes this reliable Cloud backup technology at no additional cost, unless the backup space needed exceeds 5 gigabytes; and even then the Cloud prices for yearly subscriptions of 250 gigabytes start at $99 per year, which is an extremely fair price, when you consider the amount of Cloud storage offered.
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