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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Premium Review
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Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Premium Upgrade Discount
Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Premium
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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Premium Review

Improve productivity and work smart with the Dragon Naturally Speaking v13 Premium software as it offers greater control over your personal computer through fast and accurate speech recognition. Now you can create new documents, surf the Internet, or even add new entries to your to-do list without ever touching a keyboard or mouse. It offers increased flexibility, so you can work at home or on the go.

This latest version of Dragon is 20 percent more accurate than its predecessor, making dictation and speech-to-text conversion faster and easier. It also takes your vocabulary and voice into consideration, so the accuracy further increases with prolonged use. You may even personalize Dragon by entering custom vocabulary such as unique phrases or acronyms you often use.

Enjoy ergonomic freedom as you skip the keyboard or mouse - Dragon uses voice commands, so you can now open new windows, switch from one tab to another, or move the mouse easily. You can use these commands to press keys and run the usual shortcuts that you use with your keyboard.

Dragon also opens any Windows application and even web-based email applications, so you can now send e-mails, run Google search, or open specific websites with just a few words. You can also create new documents on Word, Powerpoint, or Excel, as well as post to Facebook or Twitter. Correction is easy and you can even use text-to-speech playback to ensure problem-free text editing or proofreading.

The software now also offers voice multi-tasking - an improvement on its voice command capability. Dragon Voice Shortcuts enables the compression of tasks requiring multiple steps into easy voice commands for increase efficiency and convenience.

To make the most of today's portable gadgets, Dragon offers two free applications available to Apple users. The Dragon remote mic app (available on iOS products like the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) can be used over wifi to increase convenience and accuracy. For those who prefer to work on the go, the Dragon recorder app serves as a quick and easy solution to note-taking. It records high quality audio files you can listen to and transcribe at a later time.

For new users who may be unfamiliar with the Dragon app, an interactive tutorial is available to provide assistance on key tasks such as document creation and editing, as well as the many voice commands users can take advantage of to change their workflow. It also offers daily tips so users can familiarize themselves with the product and maximize its potential.

Current users find Dragon NaturallySpeaking v13 Premium easy to use and highly accurate in terms of speech recognition. Users who upgraded from older versions remarked on the vast improvement in application support, while new users found the sidebar assistance very informative and useful. Many comment on its superior performance over other similar software, especially due to the contextual adaptation designed to improve with prolonged use. However, the price can be a deterrent for casual users, and the learning curve required is an issue among new users.
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13
Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Home
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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Premium
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium review with new features comparison vs the previous version, upgrade discount coupon.
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