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DVDFab DVD Copy Review

DVDFab DVD Copy is one of the best DVD/Blu-ray copy, DVD Ripper and video converter software all in one package. When you first launch the software it automatically checks the newer version and prompts you. If you have firewall software installed make sure that you configure it to allow DVDFab access the Internet.
dvdfab update
According to toptenreviews this is one of the best DVD copy software according to the following parameters: how long it takes to copy the DVD, quantity of supported formats, quality of copy, application stability and ease of use.

Here is a screenshot of the main program window:
program GUI
The main features of DVDFab DVD Copy are the following

- Full Disc. Full DVD disc copy means that source disc is copied to the destination without any compression

- Main Movie. It means that only dvd movie will be copied omitting all the extras from the source disc

- Split. If you have dual-layer disc (DVD-9) you can copy it to several smaller discs (4.7 GB DVD-5), both DVDs will be an exact replica of the original

- Customize. You can choose whatever you want from the source disc and copy only selected data to the destination one.

- Customize Split. New version of DVDFab DVD Copy allows to select certain data from the disc and save it to several discs 

- Clone. Bit by bit copy of the disc without ability to compress the data will make an exact copy of the original

- Merge. You can collect data or movies from several discs and save it on one DVD

- Write Data. It does not involve dvd movies, you choose only selected data to save on the target disc and use it as a storage device. ISO files can also be burned to blank DVD using this option.

DVDFab DVD Copy 8 has the following new options

- DVD Ripper
- Blu-Ray Ripper
- Blu-Ray 3D Ripper
- Blu-Ray to DVD
- Video Converter

Step-by-step guide how to copy a movie from one DVD to another

First you should select "Main Movie" option and insert DVD disc into the drive. The following window should appear:
DVD video copy
You can see that in the left pane radio button number 1 is already selected, it means that the program chose only the movie file, so do not change anything here. In the upper-right pane you can add or remove language to the destination disc. In the down-right pane you can add or remove subtitles in different language for the movie.

When everything is set click the start button to begin the DVD copy process. The DVD copy process includes the following steps:

- Ripping. The data is extracted from the DVD and saved on your computer temporarily. By default drive C is used so make sure that you have enough free space

- Transcoding. The ripped data is converted into a format which can be burned to a DVD

- Burning. Transcoded data is written to a blank disc

At the final step when transcoding is finished the software prompts you to insert blank DVD disc.
Step-by-step DVDFab DVD Copy video tutorial how to copy a DVD movie
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