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Frequently Asked Questions and tutorials
1) Where I can save image of the system. What storage devices Acronis True Image supports?
2) What is the best strategy for backup?
3) Can I use Acronis True Image to transfer the system to a bigger drive?
4) Can I clone my computer from IDE to SATA drive and vise versa?
5) Can I restore image from single drive to RAID configured drive?
6) Do Acronis True Image and Acronis Disk Director Suite programs support RAID arrays? What types?
7) Do Acronis programs support Windows Dynamic Discs?
8) Can I restore image made with previous version of Acronis True Image using the latest version?
9) Do you provide competitive upgrade from another backup software?
10) How many computers covers one license?
11) What is BartPE environment and why do I need BartPE disc?
12) Can I clone separate partitions rather than the whole drive?
13) Can I upgrade Acronis True Image Home 2013 or previous versions to Acronis True Image 2014?
Acronis frequently asked questions, short tutorials and how to guides.
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