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Privacy Policy
Read our privacy policy statement for more information how we use data gathered from our users.
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Privacy Policy
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Privacy Statement

This privacy policy statement expresses how will respect the confidentiality of the website consumers. It states what information will be gathered, how it will be used, and how the company will keep any information secured.

The company is committed in ensuring the confidentiality of the consumers. Any information will only be gathered with the user's consent. In case the company asks users to provide specific information by which the user can be recognized, rest assured that the company will only use the given information in accordance with the company's privacy policy statement.

This confidentiality policy statement applies to all agreements and websites that exhibit or tie to this confidentiality statement. There will be instances that information may be collected outside the website, this announcement also applies to the mentioned manner of data collection. The company may change the privacy policy from time to time. To be updated, users are advised to check the privacy policy page once in a while.

What is being collected?

In general, we will not require information from our users. However, we include a "voluntary submission of information" option for users who have specific requests. The standard information asked is the user's name, physical address, email address, personal contact number, and some demographic details. Additional information such as marketing sign-up areas, product recording areas, and registration areas for newsletters may also be collected.

There will be instances when users will be asked to answer few survey questions. This is a requirement specifically for users who used links to access our website. The feedback will be used to improve the website service.

How will the information be used?

Primarily, we require information to understand the user's needs, to give updates on current developments, including special offers, upgrades, product releases, and other relevant details.

All information gathered from users is for business use only. In some occasions, the company may share the user's information to third parties that are extending services on behalf of our company. Only the necessary and relevant information needed to exercise service will be shared to the third parties. The information will only be shared to these third party companies provided they agree to protect the given information and keep it confidential. For marketing and other commercial purposes, the company may also share some information to business partners. With this, users can be contacted by business partners either via telephone, email, or regular mail. In the event that the user is no longer comfortable in receiving such advertisements or updates from business partners, promptly the communication will be stopped.

Our company is conducting business globally, with consumers and partners in more than ninety countries. For that reason, any private information collected can be used, processed, and stored in the United States of America or in other nations where our company conducts its business or hold its office. By voluntary providing personal information, the user is allowing the company to transmit the information from his respective country to other countries where our company and/or our business partners conduct business.

In instances where the company is required by law or to safeguard the rights of the company, its employees or its commercial partners, the company will be deemed to disclose any of the personal information that has been voluntarily given by the user.

There are specific company products that include features that allow information sharing with other product users. Upon using these features, the user is allowing the company to transfer information to the recipient. The company will not be liable for the transmitted content or for the accurate, complete, and error-free transmittal itself.

Removal from mailing list procedure

Though all information is voluntarily provided by the users, all updates and developments communicated to the users are relevant and necessary to their computing needs. In the event that the user is no longer interested in receiving developments and updates from the company, the user will have to visit a specific webpage and request for the removal of his name in the mailing list. The action will be granted within 24 hours from time of request.

How are cookies used?

In the effort to offer our users with a personalized and customized service and content, the company uses cookies. These are minimal amounts of information saved by the web browser on the user's personal hard drive. These are also used to allow the company to track web usage patterns which gives the company the opportunity to develop and manage the website and provide contents that are specific to the user's interest. Cookies are accepted by default by the majority of the web browsers. In the event that the user denies the cookies, he can always change the settings of the web browser. Users may not experience the packed benefits and full advantage that the website may offer in the event that cookies are denied.


The company stringently protects the safekeeping of the user's personal private information and respects the user's choice of the information's intended use. Necessary steps are taken to safeguard and secure the collected information. The company uses the most effective and proven security solution - the SSL. However, since the internet is an exposed medium and information may flow through multiple linkages and systems with no safekeeping measures, there is a possibility that data may be accessed by unconsented third parties.

Business Partners
The website may be seen with links to other networks or identifiers from other business affiliates. The company is not responsible or liable for the confidentiality practices and/or the content of other websites.

Contact Us

For questions which are not addressed by this privacy policy, users, visitors, and business affiliates may contact the company's customer service hotline (post the company's customer care hotline) or send concerns and suggestions to (include company's customer care email address).

The company reserves the right to update the privacy policy statement. Users, visitors, and business affiliates are advised to check the privacy policy webpage to keep them posted.