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Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server Review

The Acronis Recovery for MS SQL is a backup software program that lessens disaster recovery times. This helps the establishment or organization to be up and running within a few minutes. It can be very frustrating to lose data and to wait several hours, or even a couple of days, for technicians to recover the loss. It is even more frustrating when you are unable to recover the loss. However, with Acronis Recovery, you would not have to worry about wasted time and data loss. Various features can be found to make recovery time easier and faster.

Key Attributes

Consolidated Management

The Management Console automatically ascertains all database servers that are found on the network. With status clearly displayed by the servers, it makes it easier to organize installations.

Easy to Manage Archives

The software program offers excellent backup optimization. The archives are smaller, which makes it easier to be stored and transferred. Establishments and organizations will certainly find it useful, as it helps to reduce labor and cost as well.

Easy to Oversee

The wizard-driven GUI allows users to configure and execute backup techniques efficiently for non-database management. Within a few seconds, users can import an existing server maintenance plan.

Guided Disaster Revival

The program comes with a Disaster Recovery Plan and the easy-to-follow instructions allow users to recover the database within a short period. Even workers or staff members that are not technology savvy are able to recover and restore the most complicated SQL servers with these guidelines.

Resource Organization

Bandwidth and CPU throttling allows users to assign sources during backup progression and by doing so; they help the users to remain productive.


The software program protects the establishments' priceless data through strong encryption.
A large number of users have mixed feelings about this particular software. Many of them claim that installing it is straightforward and it is certainly a huge plus point that it can be scripted easily. The ability to install the software on the server itself or onto another server makes it ideal for many users. The Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server Wizards can be used to transfer any existing maintenance plans from any SQL servers. Nevertheless, users notice that the migration wizard does not transfer the server agent jobs. Users who use that particular tool for backup purposes will have to reconstruct their backups in Acronis Recovery.

Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server is loaded with impressive features. One of the features enables users to compress and encrypt backups, as well as cleaning up the old backups. Other features allow you to construct backup techniques and help you to recover or restore operations. You will find a software development kit that is useful for developer integration. Small to medium-sized establishments will particularly find the Disaster Recovery Plan very useful.

Additionally, the software program allows you to schedule your restores, which is a feature that most similar software programs do not have. Users also find that the Acronis Recovery lacks the ability to transfer the backups to regular SQL Server backups, compared to other products that enable users to create their personal backup file formats.
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