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About CyberGhost VPN Coupons and Discount Codes

All CyberGhost coupons, discounts and promo codes are already included into the shopping cart. So there is no special "promo box" where you can copy/paste the coupon code. In order to activate coupon and use the discounted price you have to click on "Use Coupon" link next to the subscription plan or click on "Buy Now" button.

Cyberghost often adds new deals and seasonal discounts so it's a good idea to subscribe to the company's newsletters or keep track on the current deals at our page.

What is the best CyberGhost VPN Deal?

It depends on your subscription plan but the overall maximum discount goes for CyberGhost 3-year plan.

Is there CyberGhost lifetime deal?

Some review/coupon sites provide a lifetime deal but it's a fake deal, the company doesn't provide this special offer anymore. I have contacted the customer support via live chat and they confirmed that CyberGhost lifetime deal is not available anymore, though used to be.

CyberGhost refund policy

I have tested many VPN services and can say for sure that at the time of writing CyberGhost is the only company which provides 45 days refund policy.

How else can I get a valid CyberGhost promo code?

So there are not so many ways of getting a valid discount code for CyberGhost: 1) You can search in the internet for the latest deals and have a try using promo codes found on numerous coupon/review sites, 2) You can check coupon codes on the official CyberGhost coupon page, 3) Also there is a chance you can get a code if you are a first time CyberGhost buyer contacting their customer support.

CyberGhost discount for an existing customer

When your subscription is going to expire the company contacts you and offers the discounted price to renew it.
90% off CyberGhost discount code

CyberGhost VPN Review

It's hard to stay anonymous while using the Internet these days. Whatever you do online, whether it's shopping, browsing, watching videos or downloading, the chances are that someone, somewhere knows not only exactly what you are doing, but also where you are.

CyberGhost VPN provides you with a solution. Widely regarded as being one of the best VPNs available, it allows you to use the net securely by re-routing your Internet usage through their own servers. It safely masks your IP address, encrypting any data that is sent from your PC to ensure that nothing is seen by anyone else, unless you want them to see it.

Secure browsing

Whether you are at home or on the move using a laptop and a wireless connection, browsing securely has never been easier. Using the Internet through a VPN ensures that every piece of data sent from your PC - whether it is a simple request to access a web page, or credit card details for an online transaction - are securely encrypted before they are sent from your computer, so they are protected from even the most prying eyes. For passwords, payment details and any personal information you may have online, you can rest easy knowing that it will be in safe hands.
CyberGhost VPN interface
CyberGhost VPN interface
Access to restricted content

As well as masking your browsing history and allowing you to surf safely, CyberGhost will enable you to access online content normally restricted to your particular country, such as music or videos, by disguising your country of origin. Alternatively, it provides you with a false IP address giving websites the impression that you are from the appropriate country the site requires - ideal for picking up those online bargains you can't buy anywhere else.


For peace of mind, CyberGhost provides you with a secondary firewall for your PC, protecting you from attack. Because your real IP address is never revealed while browsing, it ensures that you can't be targeted easily by potential attackers.

Choice of plan

There are a range of packages available to suit all budgets from the entry level free service to the Premium Plus service. Which you choose depends on your personal needs, but they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

All the versions are operated using free, dedicated client software that you install on your own PC, and this enables you to access the VPN. Whichever option you choose, you can be up and running within a couple of minutes of downloading and installing the program, and be surfing the net safe in the knowledge that your online activity can't be traced.
CyberGhost VPN in action
CyberGhost pros and cons

The free service does have some limitations: Per month you are only able to use 1Gb of traffic online, your connection speed is capped to 2Mb per second, and your secure connection is only routed through a maximum of 10 servers located in three countries.
This compares against unlimited traffic for some of the paid packages, considerably faster connection speeds and more than 10500 servers at your disposal.

Regardless of the restrictions placed by the free version, there is no need to give any personal details to sign up to use the service beyond the need for a username and password. You only need to provide further details should you sign up for the paid services. Because you connect to the CyberGhost servers using their client software and not a browser, you are also not restricted in terms of how you use the Internet, so you can use any browser you wish as well as online gaming, instant messaging, and any other software package that connects to the Internet.

It isn't perfect though, and they do advice against using your normal email client through their service to protect your email from being screened out by spam filters. On the lower cost plans you are limited to the location of the servers you connect to, which may limit the type of online content you can actually view or access.

Also, depending on the VPN server you connect to at the time, your PC will be fooled into thinking that your IP is located in that country so you may experience some quirks while browsing with sites defaulting to languages or locations that don't match your own.

Despite all of this, it's an essential service for anyone who wants added security and peace of mind while browsing, and who wants to access the wealth of content online that they are missing out on at the moment purely because of where they happen to live.
CyberGhost VPN in action
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