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Parallels Desktop 13 for MAC Review and features Comparison with version 10. Check new features of the latest version.
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Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac - seamlessly run Windows and Mac applications side-by-side
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Comparison with Parallels Desktop 9

Parallels Desktop 10 comes with many improvements, not only in visual aesthetics, but also in integrating Mac usability, Apple services and data synchronizing into Windows. It offers you more interactivity between Mac OS X Yosemite and Windows, letting you place and use Windows apps in Mac machine with all new features of Yosemite. Compared to Desktop 9, the new version offers improvements across all fronts, including ease-of-use, performance and productivity. The new improvements include:

- Optimized for Mac OS X Yosemite
- Each virtual machine has its own icon in the dock
- Quick configuration of virtual machines using profiles
- Opens Windows documents up to 48 percent faster
- Up to 10 percent less memory use by virtual machines
- Launches MS Office 2013 applications with default settings up to 50 percent faster
- User can insert OS X  special characters in Windows using edit menu
- Automatically compacts virtual disc with Real-time optimization. No need for periodic manual compacts and the virtual machine only consume disc space that it needs
- Enhanced battery life- lasts up to 30 percent longer
- Supports 2 TB discs and provide faster performance with Thunderbolt devices
- Up to 60 percent faster snapshot operations

What Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac offers you?

New Design

The new version features a brand new design inspired by Yosemite, and here, each virtual machine has its own icon in the doc. It features a Desktop Control Center, with minimalist and detailed view modes, which enables you to operate the virtual machines very easily. You can create a new virtual machine by double clicking on the OS icon or by drag and drop to Parallels Desktop icon. 

Full support for Windows OS

It offers complete support for the entire range of Windows operating system. You can use Windows 7 with AERO Graphics, Windows 8 or older versions of Windows OS seamlessly with Mac OS X. It provides improved integration between Windows and Mac OS X. Now you can share files from Windows virtual machines with social media and other accounts created using OS Xs Internet Accounts as well as Apples proprietary sharing options such as email, iMessages and AirDrop. In addition, when you install a new Windows application, its icon will be created in the Mac Launchpad automatically.

Ease of use

With Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac, installing virtual machines into your Mac is much easier than ever before, whether it is Windows, Linux or others. It offers different profiles for virtual machines, such as Productivity, Games, Software development and Design, and with one click, you can choose the profile optimized for the task in hand. This will help you to banish the frustrating experience of sluggish performance while running applications that demand more system resources such as gaming, video editing or snipping. In addition, the new version supports iCloud Drive and iPhotos library within Windows and you can drag and drop your Office Documents to save them.

Easy Configuration of VMs

Configuring the virtual machines is much easy with the new version. The new Parallels Control Center lets you manage all virtual machines and their configuration settings from a single point. It offers many options to setup virtual machines and the Windows installation has been streamlined with the ways to configure the virtual machines. When you install Windows to a virtual machine in the express installation mode, the regional settings from Mac are adopted as default for the Windows virtual machines. In this version, each virtual machine has a Dock icon, which makes it easy for you to switch between them, when working with multiple virtual machines simultaneously. You can also use shortcut cmd+Tab for this.

Better Usability

The new version of Parallels Desktop incorporates many wonderful features that enhance the usability of this application. The real-time virtual disc optimization feature will automatically compact the virtual disc while you use it, and ensures that the virtual machine consume only the disc space that it really requires to function. The Free up Disc Space Wizard will make it easy for you to manage snapshots, virtual machine states and cleaning up unwanted cached files.

In this version, it is very easy to create space efficient clones of virtual machines and you can see the required and available spaces on the disc for new virtual machine installation. You can launch Windows applications from the Dock and use many Mac features like gestures and dictation in it. You can Drag & drop and copy & paste files between Mac OS X and Windows.

Great Performance

The Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac offers you ultimate speed in both launching and runtime of virtual machines. It supports up to 16 virtual CPU cores and 64 GB of RAM so that you can easily run the most demanding applications without any lag. It will never slow down the system and you can always enjoy a native feeling in virtualization.
Parallels Desktop 13 for MAC
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