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VMware Fusion 7 vs Parallels Desktop 10 comparison and features review, vmware coupon codes and promo offers.
Vmware Fusion 7 vs Parallels Desktop 10 for MAC

From early days Apple were smart enough to realize many customers would need to maintain a Windows capability on their Mac. The problem was that this could often be clunky, draining power and speed. As a result a software solution was needed and virtualization stepped up. Two brand leaders recently released updates of their software and we'd like to take a few moments to put them head to head.

VMware a global leader in this area and the recent release of Fusion 5 has been trumpeted already as a great success. It builds on their already proven brand with a new featured-filled version suited to Windows 8 and taking advantage of the opportunities presented by OS X Mountain Lion. Parallels Desktop 8 for MAC is also building on a tried and tested formula and similarly fits Windows 8 and Mountain Lion. It's the new kid on the block compared to Fusion but both have their strengths.

Similarities abound in their two packages. Both feature heavily with improved support of Windows 8 use. This is the essence of their existence and in many ways the thing to judge them on. Both also promise greater enhancement of running dual platforms; seamlessly slipping between Mac and Windows whilst preserving battery life and not compromising on speed. Both offer the ability to have as little or as much of Windows as is required. They all do this in their own way but it remains the case that Fusion 7 and Parallels 10 are very similar in approach. It's on the detail that we find some key differences.

Fusion 7 scores well on price. It's definitely the cheaper option, both in initial cost and then ongoing costs of support and upgrades. The problem is that this low cost comes at a price. Parallels certainly boasts more features for your money and probably the better all-round package.

But Fusion 7 does come out with a more stable virtualization of Lion. It seems more steady on its feet. At times Parallels by comparison can prove tricky to use although it looks great. But once again you wonder whether a price has been paid. Particularly Fusion copes poorly with the new Mac Retina display whilst Parallels thrives on it. In the world of Mac, style and look is very important and Parallels has achieved this.

Parallels big strength comes in its all-round abilities and its genuine good looks. It works with all of Lion's features including dictation (which Fusion 5 does not) and its support systems are excellent. This is the extra you end up paying but still represents good value.

Ultimately your choice may come down to the context of your use. Fusion 5 seems to be the business choice - it fits that market and its Professional version is a good buy. Parallels 8 is the better all-round package and given the ultimate dependence visualization software has on support this weighs heavily in its favor.
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