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Spotmau PowerSuite 2012 Review

When you first start the application it is hard to tell which group Spotmau PowerSuite 2012 belongs to. A wide range of tools make the software universal, so one can say that it is data backup and recovery software, others would say that it belongs to PC optimization and tune-up, you can say that it is PC migration soft, third would say itís a partition manager program, the fact is that everybody will be right.
powersuite 2012 user interface
From time to time every computer user faces various issues, eg. OS slow down, data loss, system crash, password loss for different types of applications (including Windows and Office) or you just need to migrate the whole hard drive to another bigger one. A lot of software companies can offer you solution for a single issue I mentioned above. Spotmau company combined almost all userís needs in one software and called it Spotmau PowerSuite.

When you launch the software you see 6 tabs:

- Overview. Here you see all main options and features of the program with short descriptions.

- Check and TuneUp. If your system boots slowly, you constantly see pop-up registry errors, Internet speed suddenly dropped and you want to improve overall system performance in that case you should run PC health check.

- Privacy and Security. Create yourself a secure zone called Personal Safe and store important documents, photos or whatever in password-protected area. As you know there are plenty of data recovery software on the market today which can easily recover almost any data, even from physically damaged hard drive. Use File Shredder option to permanently delete confidential information.

- Data Recovery. If you accidentally deleted some photos, documents, audio, video or emails use data recovery option to restore all information you need back from any internal or external storage media (USB 1.0/2.0/3.0, SATA I/II, IDE and others).

- Disk Management. Imagine that your hard drive is too small and you need to replace it with another bigger one then you may spend hours and hours to reinstall all applications, adjust e-mail account and transferring data. PowerSuite include Clone Disk option to perform all this work in just few mouse clicks. Additionally you can create disk images which will include OS, applications and all data so in case OS is unbootable you can restore it from one single backup file.

- Password and Key Finder. Forget password for Windows or Microsoft Office? Donít worry the software can quickly find the product ID and product key. You can also recover lost passwords for email accounts.

PC Check test and memory usage
TuneUp 360
Even with good OS performance the software found registry issues and put system stability in dangerous status as you can see from the screenshot above. Of course the errors may be not critical but who knows. The PC check took me about several minutes and didnít slow down the overall system performance. I have found two processes running - Spotmau PowerSuite 2012.exe and TuneUp360.exe, both took about 65 Mb of memory usage.
memory usage
Tuning up and fixing the errors took less than 5 minutes.


In comparison with such data recovery software as Digital Rescue Premium or Recover My Files Data Recovery, Spotmau PowerSuite is definitely the winner as it combines plenty of applications in one single solution for everyday userís life. Another good advantage of this must have software is the price, retail price is just $39.95.
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