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Acronis Backup for PC 12.5 Review and Features Comparison with version 12

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Acronis Backup Advanced for PC 12.5
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Acronis Backup for PC 12.5 Review, Coupon Codes and Features Comparison with version 11.7 and Acronis Backup Advanced for PC 12
Backing up the entire PC has become so much simplified with the arrival of the Acronis Backup for PC 12.5 edition. It is the best possible way of avoiding expensive data losses and downtime on your device and it comes with the following features:

- The simplest user interface you can ever ask for,
- It is a local backup software that helps you backup on local storage,
- This device will combine disk backup, cloning and creation of Rescue Disk in one single operation.
- It is extremely fast and also comes with lots of extra added disk tools.
- It can provide full-image disk copies, thus it is the number one in the ultimate data protection during backups.
- The cloud storage option comes with online storage to store your data backup.
- The software also comes with several other backup options, including those for file and folder backups.
Acronis Backup for PC 12
Comparing Acronis Backup for PC 12.5 with version 12

If your objective is to protect your home or computer device from losses due to disasters, you may not need more than the version 12 of Acronis backup. The objective here also includes the transfer of your system from the disaster-prone computer to another one. If you have series of computers you view as business tools and the downtime of any of such computer can affect your business, then Acronis backup for PC version 12 will be the most suitable. This is an advance form of Acronis backup that can provide remote installation, and remote backup. It can also be used to manage your tasks remotely, backup your machines, and restore.

The table below shows the main differences between Acronis Backup for PC 12.5 and version 12
Features Acronis Backup for PC 12.5 Acronis Backup for PC 12
Remote installation Available Not available
Centralized backup plans for several machines Available Not available
Restore initiation from a remote machine Available Not available
Creation of centralized catalog for multiple machines data Available Not available
Deduplication Available Not available
Tape support Available Not available
Though, there are many differences between Acronis backup for PC version 12.5 and 12, there are a wide range of similarities that can be found on them. These include the following:

- Data can be stored to network share or FTP, on both versions.
- Installation of upgrades can be done without an immediate reboot request on both versions 12 and 12.5.
- Extra security features such as the Acronis secure zone, are available on both versions. Similarly, features such as the Acronis Disk Director Lite, are also available on both versions.
- Both versions of Acronis backup systems do not offer Drive cleanser feature.
- Both Acronis versions 12.5 and 12 can convert Backup into virtual machine, likewise they both provide features such as; Acronis Universal restore, WinPE plug-ins, and Acronis bootable media.
- Both versions will provide support services for most Windows systems, including; Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, Professional, and Mac OS.

Comparing Acronis Backup for PC 12 and Acronis Advanced for PC 12 versions
Features Acronis Backup for PC 12 Acronis Backup Advanced for PC 12
Overlapping resize border problem This problem persists in this version Issue resolved in this version
Automatic Scanning of backups Not available Automatically scans backup files and data, thus reducing total backup time significantly
Grouping of backups and recovery actions Not available Available
Virtual feedbacks of scanned data and files Not available Not available
Automatic selection of critical or Important data Not available Provides a True Image Roadmap that selects important data, such as images and documents
Universal restore Not available Available
The new Acronis Backup Advanced for PC version 12 can be described as the newly updated and comprehensive backup solution that can sync data across all your device at the same time. The system is easy to use, and many technical problems in the Acronis backup version 12 seem to have been resolved in the Advanced version.

Even though the Advanced Acronis Backup for PC version 12 comes with some of the salient improvements one would expect from an advance backup system, you still have to get use to some internal refinements and adjustments also. Backing up your PC has become more simplified than ever before, as some of the cool new features involve the use of just once click for the transfer of a whole chunk of data for backup or restore. The cool new Universal restore feature gives you the ability to recover data on a hardware that is different from the one which the backup was originally made. Acronis has also claimed that Universal restore feature will remain the standard across all its product line, as it boosts performance and backup time incredibly.
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