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Acronis True Image for MAC Review

When backing up your devices, you can either choose an image or file based backup system. One of the backup software applications in the market that combines both these systems is the Time Machine produced by Apple. However, one of the disadvantages is the large amount of space it takes up in your PC. To curb this disadvantage, PC users are now turning to Acronis True Image for Mac.

With the manufacture of successful True Image software for Windows, the attempt for the Acronis company to do the same for Mac seems fruitful. Although the application is still very young in the market, it should be awarded some points for being versatile and simple enough to support local backups and those saved on the cloud.
Main menu
Main menu
Features of the Acronis True Image For Mac application

- Whether youíre using a cloud backup service or a local one, the software complies with your requirements and serves you perfectly.

- Before using the software officially, you can download the trial version that lasts for 30 days. This version comes with space amounting to 250GB. Once, the trial period is completed, to maintain the same amount of space, you must pay an annual fee of at least $49.99

- The design of the software is very simple whereby after the easy installation process, you can proceed with your trial version. After installation, the next step is choosing the source of your backup which could either be the install drive of your Mac or any other drives attached to your machine.

- The application works with any Mac OS X system whether old or new into the market.
Backup task schedule
Backup task schedule
Creare rescue media
Creare rescue media

- The software allows you to back up your PC to either a cloud or a local drive depending on your preference. In case of a cloud backup, you can use the Acronis cloud backup service.

- Secondly, the installation process and all other tasks performed by the application are completely detailed which makes it easy even for a beginner to use the software.

- Acronis True Image for Mac comes with a 30 day trial version which is advantageous for PC users who want to try it out before fully committing to it.

- Compared to the Time Machine released by Apple, this software doesnít take up much space on the PC which makes it more efficient for every consumer.

- If you choose to restore your backup, there is also a detailed guideline on how to do it effortlessly which makes it easier for newbies. You can either choose to restore your PC file by file or simply the whole drive image depending on the backup system initially used.

- The software allows you to manage up to 10 backups at any one time. If any new ones surpass this limit, the older ones are immediately erased. This helps eradicate any excessive use of disk space. However, it is advisable that in the event of a catastrophe with the hardware to create a bootable rescue media.

- Even though the Acronis True Image for Mac application doesnít support Bootcamp where Mac and Windows run simultaneously, it can support virtual environments supported by applications including Parallels Desktop 9.


- For the PC users operating with both Windows and OS X, there is quite a disadvantage because Acronis True Image for Mac doesnít go hand in hand with Bootcamp. As long as you have the two operating systems running together, you canít even back up the secluded Mac partitions.

- Once the 30 day trial period is complete, the price to use the services of the software seems a little steep at $49.99 compared to other products in the market.

- Other systems not supported by the software include File Vault 2, Fusion Drive and HFS+. However, with a few tweaked configurations at the end of the year, they might be supported with the new release of the software.

In conclusion, just as powerful as the Acronis products work with Windows OS, the new Acronis True Image for Mac also seems to be promising for OS X users. The fact that itís simple and also very versatile goes a long way into proving how effective the software will be in the long run.
Acronis True Image for MAC Review and 47% off coupon code on Family Pack. Check all features with pros/cons of the new backup software for MAC OS from Acronis.
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