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Parallels Desktop 19 for MAC screenshot

Parallels Desktop 19 for MAC Review

The big reason some Window's users have not made the leap to using Apple Macintosh computers is that some of their favorite Windows software doesn't run with the Mac's system software. While Mac computers have come a long way offering some compatible software like Microsoft Word and Office, the system software, Parallels Desktop 19 goes a long way toward allowing even more integration. This program lets Mac users operate under the Windows operating system on their Apple computer.
If sales are any indication, Parallels is getting the job done for users. Parallels Desktop is the best selling system utility in the Apple marketplace. For this reason, nearly 2 million people have grown to use and enjoy Parallels Desktop software. This makes it easier to make the jump to a Mac, since Windows is seamlessly integrated thanks to Parallels.

MacWorld calls Parallels Desktop the "best solution for running Windows, Linux, or any of many other operating systems alongside OS X."

With a low price tag of about 60 bucks, Parallels Desktop truly is a steal in terms of what you get with your purchase. The software is easy to use, because it allows you instant access to any of your programs, files and folders used on Windows or the Mac OS. This happens seamlessly, so you don't feel like you're undergoing huge changes when browsing through your files.

That's not all. Imagine the straight forward approach of Windows matched with the raw speed of a Mac. Now you can combine the best of both worlds, because Parallels Desktop allows you to operate Windows 20 percent faster than you'd be able to on a PC.

If you've switched to a Mac and still enjoy the Windows experience, Parallels Desktop is a must have because it allows you to bring your Windows programs, files and settings with you on your Mac. No longer do you have to worry about exclusivity, because you'll have the ability to take advantage of both the Mac and Windows experience with the simple click of a mouse. This is especially ideal for gamers, because many hardcore PC gamers swear by Windows technology for the best experience. Now you get that same experience without having to purchase a separate PC.

Certain devices also only operate with Windows. Now you'll get the opportunity to use these devices without having to worry about installing separate drivers and software. This comes in handy for those with hardware like cameras and phones that work best with Windows.

The best part of Parallel Desktop 19 is that you don't have to log out, reboot and carry out other tedious tasks when switching between operating systems. You'll be able to run Windows applications while logged into the Mac OS and vice versa. The software also allows you to port your entire current Windows system to your Mac computer in a few small steps. This will save you the time, money and energy involved in backing up or saving files, re-installing software and tweaking the custom settings of a new computer.

The public has spoken in terms of the efficiency provided, as PC Pro Magazine gave Parallels Desktop one of the highest ratings of the year among software products. The program continues to get better every year, providing an easy way for Windows users to enjoy their Mac computers. The program comes with a variety of new features and enhancements, including better network support and hard drive performance, a complimentary anti-virus program and the ability to run Windows software at faster speeds. The Windows operating system itself loads faster on a Mac when using Parallels Desktop than any other setup. You can also use Mac functions such as parental controls, keyboard shortcuts and profile settings to your computer when using Windows on your Mac.

It's clear why Mac users have decided to use Parallels Desktop 19 in droves. Many people enjoy the convenience and widespread use of Windows but don't want to switch computers. Macs are typically faster and more powerful, so Windows users can now jump ship without having to leave behind their favorite operating systems. Reviewers of the product have stood by it, giving it much higher marks than similar software platforms like VMware Fusion 6. The ability to run Windows applications on your Mac as if you were using a PC is creative and convenient, since Windows applications still set the standard for much of the work we do every day. Files like.exe, .doc and PDF have widely been considered the standard for the workplace and file sharing. For this reason, it makes sense to have the ability to access certain Windows programs seamlessly instead of owning two different computers.

All in all Parallels Desktop 19 appears to be a must have for Mac owners. Whether you use Windows applications heavily or feel that you'll have some use for them in the future, this is a quality buy that will only make you enjoy your Mac experience even more. It greatly increases the power you have at your fingertips by allowing you to have greater control and versatility. For those ready to go Mac, but not willing to completely leave Windows alone, Parallel Desktop is an excellent way to bridge the gap.
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