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VMware Workstation 9 vs Parallels Desktop 8 for MAC comparison, review and discount coupons.
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VMware Workstation 9 vs Parallels Desktop 8 for MAC

VMware Workstation 9 and Parallels Desktop for Mac 8 are two of the most popular virtualization applications, allowing users to run multiple operating systems at the same time.

VMware Workstation 9

Workstation 9 includes a lot of updates for Windows 8, so it can run with legacy systems and support multi-touch features. Users can access virtual machines on a workstation from smartphones, tablets and PCs using the WSX web interface, which renders an HTML5 page in a browser that connects to the Workstation host. Important graphics improvements mean applications can load graphics faster without affecting performance.

Parallels Desktop 8 for MAC

Parallels has also been upgraded to include support for running Windows 8. Users can place shortcuts to Windows apps on their desktop, or run the operating system in a separate window. Features include a button in Safari to open pages in Internet Explorer, dictation support for Windows apps, the ability to run apps in full screen mode, integration of the Windows app notifications in the Mountain Lions notification centre.


While both applications have similar functionality, there are a few details that give VMware the edge over Parallels, for example, moving the cursor out of the virtual machine in VMware Workstation automatically returns control to the physical computer. In Parallels you have to release it, otherwise it is locked in the virtual machine. Another example is that there is no toolbar in full-screen mode and you have to press certain commands to exit. The Parallels installation is also not as smooth as VMware Workstation, and it lacks certain user interface features like tabbed browsing and teams.

Parallels has a lower price tag and a smaller footprint, but VMware Workstation 9 offers better functionality and usability.
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