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acronis true image 2017 vs norton security premium with backup
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Acronis True Image 2017 vs Norton Security Premium (with Backup)

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Acronis True Image 2017  vs Norton Security Premium comparison review. Check new features of Acronis True Image 2017.
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acronis true image 2017 features
Acronis True Image 2017 comes with a better and more effective drive letter handling, whereby the software detects a new letter assigned to a drive, but still perform is normal operations without any error created as a result of the new drive letter. The new user interface now has a modern look , and on the home page of the user interface, there are three main sources of backup, these are: Entire PC, Disks and Partition, and Files and folders- this arrangement ensure that , you can backup and restore files from the three main largest sources on your PC.   The core functionality of this software remains the same despite the new changes that has been brought on board. The software comes with different tools that can backup your entire PC system within few minutes, or specific tools to back up specific partitions or files.
Acronis True Image 2017 comes with a sync feature that allows you access your files from any device, because your files are stored in the cloud, thus you can remotely access everything. A speed test conducted on the software shows that backup for 100GB of files can be completed within 20 minutes, and this makes the software much faster than many of its main competitors.

Comes with unlimited secure cloud feature, and that means, the software can manage small, office and family backups, thus it can handle multiple computers and mobile devices such as iPhone, iPods, android devices, and tablets, at the same time. Quickly restore from your Cloud backup system. You can also restore your Operating system from the cloud, likewise, all applications and data items can be restored directly from the cloud , to an existing computer or a separate device. You can separate and restore specific data out of a group of data from the cloud , as well.
Norton Security with Backup main window
Features of Norton Security with Backup

- The Norton Security with Backup software comes in three different forms, these are; Standard, Deluxe, and Premium. The standard package can only be used for 1 computer or Mac, the Deluxe package can be used for up to 5 PCs, Mac, smartphone or tablets, while the premium package can be used for up to 10 PCs, Mac, Tablets, or smartphones.

- The security and backup software comes with a user-friendly web portal that can help you manage the protection of all your devices, across many devices, and you can do this remotely. The software also comes with a premium family safety feature whereby your kids can explore the internet safely .

- The software can automatically backup your movies, songs, photos, and files(including your financial transactions), thus protecting your personal and financial identities even if you make financial dealings online.

- Though the maximum storage space you can use at a time is 25GB, but you can increase this as your needs increase.

- Protection against hardware failure and ransom ware is paramount on this software, and if an hardware failure occurs, the software will automatically discover and retrieve your vital files, as well as music and videos and store them in the cloud, making your backing up more secure and safer than ever.

- System requirements will vary from one device or operating system to another. For Microsoft windows XP, you need service pack 3 or newer, for Windows Vista, you need service pack 1 or newer, and for Microsoft 7 , you will need service pack 1 or later. Though the software is compatible with Microsoft 8 and 8.1 but some security features may not be available on the Windows 8 startup browser. All versions of Microsoft 10 windows are supported however, the software does not support Edge browser. Mac OS X , whether previous or current versions are not supported by the software . Norton Security with Backup also supports Android 2.3 version or newer, and IOS 8 or later.

- The security features will notify you of dangerous websites, and you can easily transfer protection from one device to another with the use of the management console located at the user interface. You can also use this software in locating lost or stolen mobile tablet or smartphone.  The main reason why a 25GB maximum storage was attached to this software is to ensure maximum protection of all data at the same time. Norton Security with Backup software has a 100% detection rate for viruses and malware on all Windows , android and IOS operating systems, thus it signifies you when there is a threat and what to do to neutralize such threats.

When it comes to an all-round backup software, Norton Security with Backup has an edge over others because of the extra security it provides devices. Very few  backup software can boast of advance security this software provides, and the fact that Norton security is one of the most trusted in the industry even makes it much easier for users to trust this backup software.