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Acronis True Image 2017 vs 2016 Comparison Review

Acronis True Image 2017  vs 2016 version comparison review. Check new features of True Image 2017.
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Version Comparisons
acronis true image 2017 features
The Interface of the new Acronis True Image 2017, has been modernized, though the core functionality of the software remains the same, but there are new tools you can use in backing up your PC, these include; The specific disks and partitions tool, and tools for backing up individual files and folders. With the specific disks and partition tools, you can backup files that belong to specific disks or partitions, with a single click-Backing up in this way will send the files to their respective disks and partitions without any mix up.
acronis true image 2016 main window
Acronis True Image 2016 claims to be the industryís fastest backup and recovery software, and it claims to be more than 50% faster than its major rivals, therefore it is reliable in helping you avoid frustrations of backing up and restoring files, folders, applications and even your operating system. Security and privacy are highly monitored and encrypted on this software. The software makes use of 256-bit encryption alongside a private user-define key, to protect and secure all data. The quick and easy recovery feature of this software means you can get your computer back to where it was before, by quickly recovering your data from the cloud or any local storage and you donít have to re-install your Operating system manually.

Acronis True Image 2016 provides a flexible file recovery that helps you choose only the files and folders that you want to restore, and also helps you get them back immediately without the need to restore your entire computer system.
Local and mixed synchronization has now been replaced with cloud technology, though you can still revert to the use of local and mixed backup and restore- this means you will spend more time storing on a localized place and at the same time backing them up in remote storage places. With Cloud storage, there will be no need to duplicate backup, this will save you space and costs of getting multiple storage devices, secondly, restoration and retrieval of backup files will become faster.

Acronis True Image 2017 is considered to be the fastest backup and restore software in the market today, despite the fact that it is still in a Beta version, and some minor glitches and bugs will have to be removed before its final release in the year 2017. Many of Acronis backup features are still retained in the new software, while some have been upgraded to provide faster and much easier backup of data and restoration.

Other features of Acronis True Image 2017

- Acronis True Image 2017 has removed some features, and these include; the email backup local and mixed synchronization, version consolidation, manual backup deletion, Trim SSD, and Acronis Extended Capacity Manager. All these features have been replaced with more advanced and effective features. For instance, Manual backup deletion can now be performed in the backup environment, while the version consolidation can be performed in the Backup scheme. Instead of the local and mixed synchronization, you can now use the Cloud facility to synchronize, and restore your file at any time.

- Now offers support for IOS and Android device backup unto a PC or any other device, via a wireless backup technology.

Advance features of Acronis True Image 2016

- Comes with Retention Schemes and advanced backups- Acronis True Image 2016 can help you keep and protect the history of your last 10 devices, thus you can revert back at any point in time, to access your data and file. With this feature, you can also save the changes you made on the initial backup, thus you can save time and storage spaces.

- Provides Acronis AnyData Engine feature- this is a proven backup technology relied upon by millions of businesses worldwide, and it is trusted by consumers as the most advance backup structure in the world. The Acronis AnyData Engine ensures that data from any source and of any format can be easily stored in the backup environment, without the need to convert such data into another.

- Provides Clone disk, Disc Image creation, and file backup (including the automated backup). For cloud backup, you will have to purchase the product separately.

- Increased backup speed- according to users, a file backup for 50GB of data can be created in less than 12 minutes, if your computer is an i7 generation PC. This makes the new Acronis True Image 2016 a minute or two faster than the 2015 edition.

- The Acronis cloud integration- this feature ensures that you avoid clutter when backing up files. The extra tabs and narrow scrollbars will ensure that you navigate easily and use the user interface much more effectively.

- Acronis True Image 2016 is available in 10 major languages as well several other oriental languages, including; English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Italian and Russian.
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