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Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation Premium Subscription Features Review

Acronis True Image 2017 Premium Subscription Review and Discount Coupon Code. Check New Generation features.
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For many years, Acronis True Image remains the fastest and trustworthy solution when it comes to data protection. Driven by most innovative and highly secure technologies, it has become the choice of millions, and now the most advanced and refined version of this software, The Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation is released.  It allows you to backup and restore images, media and work files in a way that is more intuitive than ever before.

The Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation is not just a facelift of the existing version, but it is a complete makeover. It comes with an elaborate set of new and improved features that is unmatched in perfection and performance. For the new version, the company offers few subscription schemes that perfectly match the requirements of the customers of all sorts, let it be a home user or a small business enterprise customer.

The schemes are:

- Acronis True Image 2017 Premium Subscription
- Acronis True Image 2017 Standard Subscription
- Acronis True Image 2017 one-time purchase
acronis true image 2017 premium
Acronis True Image 2017 Premium Subscription

Acronis Premium New Generation Features

Acronis Active Protection: Acronis Active protection is the best available defense against ransomware, which is one of the most excruciating malware today. This type of malware can encrypt the data in your system and deny you access to your vital data. Now, virtually you lose control on your system and you have to pay ransom money to the criminals to regain the access.

The Aconis Active Protection engine constantly analyze the pattern in which the data files are changed in the computer and it can detect abnormal behaviors by comparing it with normal and malicious behavior patterns. When the ransomware start encrypting files, TrueImage 2017 immediately detects the process and stops it from doing more harm. The TrueImage then automatically detect and restores the files that are encrypted before the process being stopped from the backups already made.

The active protection feature also includes a robust self-defense system, which defends the TrueImage itself and the backup files from being targeted by the hacker. In addition to this, the active protection system monitors the Master Boot Record and prevents any illicit changes being made to your system to prevent it from booting up.

Acronis Notary: This new feature can ensure the authenticity of your data backed up by Acronis TrueImage. The Acronis Notary guarantees that the file you have in your backup is identical to the original one, bit by bit and in the future, you can assure yourself that the file you backed up is unchanged.  A unique cryptographic fingerprint hash is computed for each backed up file, which reproduce exactly the same output for the same input every time. This is very useful when you have to validate the authenticity of your property and personal records in the backups.

In addition to that, Acronis Notary generates a certificate that is connected with the files unique features for each file notarized. With this certificate, each files features are connected with the blockchain and it will let you verify its authenticity very accurately.
acronis notarization certificate
The Acronis Notary helps you to

- Prove that a document is the same as the original and unaltered
- Confirm the date of origination of a creative work including photos, art, video and many other
- Prove the existence of a legal document when you claim it did existed
- Prove that a bill is paid when you claim it was paid
- Prove that a product certificate is not forged

Acronis ASign: When you want a backed up document to be signed electronically by more than one people, you can make use of Acronis ASign. Request electronic signature using ASign, and it will capture the digital signatures and provide you a certificate that includes the signature image, timestamp and all other valid information. You can validate the authenticity of this certificate using block chain technology at any time you want.
Next Generation Security: With Acronis True Image 2017 Premium subscription, you can ensure you that all your back up is protected against adulteration and intervention. The data let it be in the cloud or in the local storage, is encrypted with military grade algorithms. It also comes handy, if you use the same Acronis account to backup multiple devices in your family. The encryption and password will allow each one in the family to keep their files private and inaccessible to others.

Mobile Device Backup: Smartphone and tablets are certainly the most widely used gadgets today and they carry many important data including contacts, photos, videos, appointments etc. Loss of these data can cause a real mess, so backing up these devices is utmost important. There are a handful of apps native to the mobile OS that can backup these data to different cloud storages, but the Acronis TrueImage can do this in a way that is more flexible and fast. It can backup the data in the mobile devices to cloud or any other local storage including Mac or Windows computer. You can wirelessly browse the backup contents, no matter it is in the cloud or in a local storage. In addition, Acronis TrueImage 2017 NG offers an additional level of security to your backups by encrypting the data in the transit and in the storage.

Facebook Backup: The Acronis True Image 2017 Premium subscription can take care of your data in the Facebook account also. It can backup your Facebook account and recover the data directly to the same or to a different account when required. The entire process is encrypted so there is no need to worry about the security of the files you backup or restore using this feature.
acronis premium new generation dashboard

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