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Avast Premium Security Review

Installation of the antivirus software went without serious issues, except an error message I received in the end. Error : "cannot connect to server", though Internet connection worked perfectly. Later I could connect to Avast connect server and download virus database update.
avast cannot connect to server
When you first launch the program you are advised to follow Avast community pages on Facebook and Twitter.
avast community pages
Avast Premium Security was also able to detect computers Internet name, ISP, Network name, MAC address and adapter name on the first launch. On this stage you should select the appropriate firewall mode for the new network. There are several choices:

- Home zone. Use this mode if you run local network and do not have external networks, e.g. Internet

- Work zone. This is the default mode, Avast software decides which external connections are allowed

- Public zone. In this mode all incoming connections are disallowed.

I recommend choosing Work zone, in any case you will be able to change it in future (from the main program window -> Firewall -> Firewall settings.
The first impression was quite good, Avast Internet Security 7 interface is very informative with all features of the program on the main window.
Avast Internet Security 7 main window
Avast Premium Security Features

- Summary. Here you turn off/on Silent/Gaming mode which will disable all messages, pop-ups or alerts in case a full screen application is running. Also you may turn off/on any network communications.

- Scan Computer. There are several options for scan: quick scan (computer system volume and operating memory), full system scan (deep system scan), removable media scan (scan all attached media), select folder to scan (select specific folder). Also you can use boot-time scan, when scheduled it runs before Windows is loaded to minimize any malware activity.

- Real Time Shields. Threats are detected in real time so I recommend to keep them always on. There are different types of shields: file system shield (scan documents when opening, scan files when writing), mail shield (scan inbound and outbound messages), web shield (scan web traffic), P2P shield (you should select P2P programs for which downloaded files should be scanned), IM shield (intercepts all downloads from instant messaging applications and make sure they are clean), network shield (monitors any network activity and stops any viruses that try to infect your system via Internet), script shield (intercepts all executed scripts on your system), behavior shield (monitors system for  suspicious behavior, such as low level rootkits, malware-like behavior, unauthorized modifications).

- Firewall. Add rules for the applications and define your "friend" networks.
- Additional Protection. Here you can configure antispam module (use white and black lists for e-mails), sandbox and autosandbox modules (sandbox will run potentially harmful program in a special virtual environment so no damage can be done to your system, autosandbox module runs suspicious applications in avast! Sandbox automatically), SafeZone (when you turn this module on you will see the browser isolated from your system, it can be helpful in case you run transactions and other sensitive operations), webrep (shows reputation for each website), site blocking (block access to specific websites).

- Maintenance. Checks the program engine and virus definitions update or update the program.


Fast and reliable antivirus software which can be recommended for home users. I really liked using and testing Avast Premium Security as my system never slowed down during the real-time protection. Full system scan was really fast, about 10 minutes testing 4 GB of data with average speed scan of about 15 MB/s, see the sceenshot
full system scan rated avast! 5.1 the fastest out of 20 antivirus programs!
av-comparative test
I really liked boot-time scan but one thing I suppose Avast missed, this is inability to create a bootable disc as in Kaspersky Internet Security 2024. The system can be so damaged by virus or malware activity that it would be impossible to boot, so bootable disc can be the only cure.
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