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Recover My Files - A Life Saving Application

Whoops! You just deleted files that you needed; and you could kick yourself in the you-know-where, because you also emptied the recycle bin on the computer! What are you going to do? You just can't spend another 10 hours writing that 20 page report all over again. Where will you get the research information from? Under normal circumstances this could be a real dilemma, but new technologies now make applications available that can restore this deleted information. Yes, even when it's deleted from the recycle bin.

Applications like Recover My Files can be life saving. It's one of those programs that may sit unused for months, but boy, when you need it, you need it - and you are definitely thankful you have it in your applications' library.

What it works?

Recover My Files can quickly retrieve deleted files that have been emptied from the Windows Recycle Bin, but more importantly it can also recover information lost from a corrupt hard drive, or even a format command you inadvertently give.

We've all done it! Yes, even the professionals have deleted information and then suddenly, said to themselves, "Oops. I should have saved that data." So even if you decide to reinstall an operating system due to a damaged hard drive partition, a virus, a corrupt file or whatever, and then suddenly - in the middle of the format process - wish you could have saved that important data you needed. Now you can recover this information - yes, even from a formatted hard drive.

Recover My Files software allows you to:

- Recover files from that are suddenly inaccessible because of a sudden shut down, or glitch.
- Recover files you emptied from the Recycle Bin.
- Recover files after you accidentally formatted the hard drive.
- Recover files even after you have reinstalled a new operating system.
- Offers Disk recovery when the system experiences a hard drive crash.
- Retrieve files when a partition error occurs.
- Retrieve data from RAW hard drives.
- Recover photos, video and all types of data from the computer hard drive.
- Recover data from a corrupt flash drive, camera card, USB, Zip drive or even a floppy disk.

Worse Case Scenarios

What would happen if you lost everything? Let's take a minute to analyze a similar scenario experienced by David.

David loved his laptop and had been working on it for several years. He had read somewhere that he was supposed to make periodic backups of his hard drive information to an external hard drive, but had never bothered to learn how to do this. It didn't matter; he was extremely careful with his computer, and nothing would happen if he was careful, right? Wrong! Over time, he began to keep very important documentation here. It was just easier to keep everything on the computer, than it was to file paper copies of everything. He kept important financial information like his tax returns, business financial documentation, receipts and more on his computer.

Additionally, he worked on several personal projects like the writing of his book (a project he has worked on for a number of years). Suddenly, without warning his computer crashes. No matter what he does, he can't seem to get the operating system to come up. This may have been caused by a virus or may be a simple glitch in the operating system. Still, he couldn't access the computer. In his desperation, he decided to insert the Windows operating disk that came with the computer, and without thinking twice, simply chose the "Format" option as this is the recommended option for reinstalling the Windows operating system.

Unfortunately, by the time the new Windows operating system installs, he realized that all of his important documents were gone; his book, his accounting files, all of his tax information for the last several years - everything! This was devastating - so much so - that he loses several nights sleep. Thankfully, he looked for a solution online and found the Recover My Files Application. Upon purchasing it, he installed the program, and with a few simple clicks had restored all of his important documentation. Whew! What a relief.

Keep it on hand

You can prevent these feelings of despair from occurring to you by keeping the Recover My Files application on hand. This is the one software program that can come in very handy, especially if you keep confidential or work related data on your computer. With this program, you don't have to worry any longer about losing important documents (both old and new). You can recover all the information at a moment's notice. Your life story, pictures and documents are all kept safe, or at the very least - are easily retrievable in the case of any accident (committed by you or by any family member).

Bottom Line

This is a fairly inexpensive software application, especially when compared to the consequences of not having it. While you may not use the application often, it is one of those applications you would be lost without. It affords you peace of mind by giving you safe, quick and easy data recovery option - all at a price you really can afford.
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