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"Acronis True Image is versatile and powerful, yet fairly easy to use. The program includes wizards that walk you through each task, and you can connect to help files and customer support with just one click on the control panel".
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True Image 2013 by Acronis Review

During the installation process you have the ability to install Acronis Cloud a new feature by Acronis  which is used just like Dropbox. So you can sync your data between multiply computers and mobile devices wherever you are.
acronis cloud
Before the first run True Image 2013 will ask you to reboot the system, this may happen if you have previous versions installed. On the next stage the software will ask you to search computer and storage devices for the old backups.
old backups search
If you used previous versions of Acronis True Image you would be surprised to see that the new version is now called True Image 2013 by Acronis and not Acronis True Image Home 2013 as expected. The main window of True Image 2013 is pretty much the same as in 2012 version, with one exception, Acronis Cloud option instead of Synchronization. Read step-by-step description of Acronis synchronization usage.
true image 2013 by acronis interface
Acronis Cloud is just another name of Online Backup subscription with the ability to store data and sync it not only between computers but also between mobile devices.

The upper menu includes Backup and Recovery tab with disk and partition backup, online backup, file backup, e-mail backup and non-stop backup, Synchronization tab and Tools and Utilities.
acronis true image 2013 backup types
It is highly recommended to create bootable CD/DVD disc using create bootable media button. In case your system is unbootable or unstable just boot from previously created bootable media, choose recovery option and follow wizard instructions to restore the system. See step-by-step instructions how to create bootable media and restore the system.

I would also recommend to check any backups or disk images for errors using backup validation tool. You can perform this task from backup and recovery tab -> choose backup -> right-click -> validate. In case you can't find the backup archive use browse for backup button next to recover button. If a disk image or a backup contains errors you wouldn't be able to recover data or the whole system from it. To solve the issue just recreate the backup.
backup validation
New features of True Image 2013 by Acronis

- Windows 8 support. Full support for the new operating system.

- New rules for backup names. Backup naming has become automatic, now for every backup task a separate folder is created. A backup filename contains task name, backup method and number.

- Acronis Cloud. Improved synchronization allows sync data between iOS and Android based mobile devices. Go to Play Market or App Store and download free Acronis Synchronization application, login to your Acronis account and get access to your data.

- File and Folder easy sharing
. This is one-click share of any file or folder, all you need to do is right-click file or folder from Windows explorer -> choose True Image -> Share.
file or folder sharing
How to create a disk image using Acronis True Image 2013?

It is highly recommended to create a disk image or a full drive backup when you launch the software for the first time. A disk image will be created in one single file (.tib extension), if you changed the backup options the backup file can be split to the desired number of files. To create full drive backup do the following:

Click backup and recovery tab then choose disk and partition backup. By default True Image 2013 will check all system partitions on your hard drive.
configure disk backup process
In addition to disk C with your OS, applications, settings and all data on partition C the software also checked Recovery partition, which contains Windows image with basic configuration.
choose backup storage place
The next window allows you to select backup storage place. As you can see the note True Image doesn't recommend to store the image on the same partition. It's logical, just imagine that the drive crashed physically and there is only one way to replace it with an image of the whole system lost. If you place an image to CD/DVD discs or a flash drive you can add Acronis bootable components to make this media bootable by checking the respective box.
schedule and backup scheme
On the final stage you can turn on/off backup schedule on daily/weekly/monthly basis or upon a certain event, such as user logon/logoff, etc. You can also choose backup scheme, eg. incremental scheme, incremental backup stores the changes since the last backup, differential scheme, differential backup stores the changes since the last full backup, backup scheme, creates only full backups.

In disk backup options you can select sector-by-sector backup, password-protect and encrypt a backup, split a backup by custom size, set backup validation by default after every backup creation, set to ignore bad sectors and some other useful options.
When every steps above are done click back up now button and that is all.


It looks like Acronis stop adding new features to its True Image line and focus mainly on improving old features and options. As the Internet community becomes more mobile it was wise to implement support for mobile devices in data synchronization. The owners of the previous versions will not be disappointed considering upgrade to True Image 2013.
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True Image 2014 by Acronis Download
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