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Norton 360 vs Kaspersky Pure 2.0 Comparison Review

Both are very good programs and are a lot more reliable than anything else you can ever download. They are both easy to set up and both allow you to customize their security to your liking. That is why this article contains a set of pros for Norton 360, and a set of pros for Kaspersky Pure 2.0. What few cons there are, are shared by both programs, so they have been integrated into one "Cons" section.

Pros - Norton 360

The Norton update system is very good, with daily updates that are not often heavy, so the program does not affect your web surfing as it downloads and updates.

Norton 360 will fix problems with your computer automatically, and will also optimize your computer automatically. It searches for, and removes, anything causing your PC any performance issues.

Norton 360 will automatically back up files for you to an online storage area or to the local disk if you desire.

Norton offers a Facebook scanning function that allows you to scan your Facebook wall and remove any malicious scripts; most other anti-virus programs will charge you extra for this.

It has an e-mail and IM (instant message) protection function that will warn you if any files or links look suspicious.

Norton has a system that searches for heuristical behavior. It runs an analysis that allows it to discover threats, before they actually become threats.

You can block adult websites so that your kids do not see them. It will also monitor the social network activity of your children too, if you set it up via the parental controls section.
Norton 360 interface
Norton 360 interface
Pros - Kaspersky Pure 2.0

Kaspersky Pure 2.0 has a System Watcher feature that will monitor your computer for any sort of dangerous behavior. When you find a malicious program, you can conduct a small system restore in which you rollback or undo the malicious actions.

It has an IM/Chat security feature, which warns you about any threats from links or files sent within an IM.

This program is very good at detecting spyware, which are programs that are designed to steal your information.

It has a local backup features that allow you to save files onto a local disk or an external drive. It has an FTP online functionality, and it gives you access to your restore files so that you can restore your computer back to before you even had Kaspersky Pure 2.0 installed.

The program offers you options that allow you to clear your cache memory, your browsing, Internet history and logs. It also allows you to optimize your Windows and browser settings.
Kaspersky Pure 2.0 interface
Kaspersky Pure 2.0 interface
Cons - Norton 360 and Kaspersky Pure 2.0

They are both system hogs and will slow down your computer. This is also true of web page loading, where for one reason or another, the pages take longer to load once you have installed the anti-virus software.

They are both very intense about reminding you that they exist. Both will find any excuse for a little pop-up with their name attached.

They both market themselves as impenetrable mammoths that will stop all viruses, but they will not. You may still enter a file sharing site and pick up a virus, so they could both use a little bit of humility in the way they advertise themselves.
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