95) Acronis Group Server Shows Machines with Acronis Agents as Unmanaged.

The most possible cause is that Acronis Group Server cannot connect to the machine with Acronis True Image Agent to retrieve the status.


   1. You install Acronis Group Server on Machine 1;
   2. You install Acronis Management Console on Machine 1 or any other computer in the same network;
   3. You install Acronis True Image Agent on Machine 2 and leave it running and networked;
   4. After connecting to Acronis Group Server with Acronis Management Console, Machine 2 shows up as Unmanaged in the Group Tasks Management list.


Acronis Group Server cannot connect to the machine with Acronis True Image Agent (Machine 2) to retrieve the status.


   1. Provide correct credentials to connect to Acronis True Image Agent;
   2. Check that connection to the machine with Acronis True Image Agent can be established: click on the Connect button in the Group Status window;
   3. Try disabling SSL encryption:

          * Click Start -> Run and type in regedit to open Windows Registry;
          * Browse to:

                o Windows 32 bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Acronis\Encryption\Server
                o Windows 64 bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Acronis\Encryption\Server

          * Rename the Server subkey to Server1;
          * Restart the Acronis Agent service:

                o Click Start -> Run;
                o Type services.msc in the command prompt and hit Enter;
                o Right-click on the Acronis Remote Agent line and choose Restart in the pop-up menu.

   4. If nothing helps, reinstall Acronis Group Server.

96) Acronis License Server Management Console Errors Out with "Computer 'localhost' is not found".


- You run Acronis License Server Management Console;
- In the main window you click Manage Licenses;
- Acronis License Server Management Console shows the following error message:

Error message: E000807D5: Computer "localhost" is not found".


The possible causes are:

- Acronis Agent service is not started;
- Firewall settings block the connection;
- SSL certificate is incorrectly generated.


- Try to manually start Acronis Agent on the machine where Acronis License Server is installed:
Click Start -> Run; Type services.msc in the command prompt and hit Enter;
Right-click on the Acronis Remote Agent line and choose Start in the pop-up menu.

- Check Firewall settings;

- Try disabling SSL encryption as described in Acronis Management Console Cannot Connect to Remote Components.

97) Error on schedule task: "Enumerator is invalid error (0x47001)".


Do the following to update scheduler:

- Download the updated version of Acronis Scheduler from http://download.acronis.com/support/Scheduler_update.zip

- Extract the archive contents and run the install.bat file

- Wait for the process to be completed, reboot your machine
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